Promoting movement in everyday working life - this is made easier by our Double-Bench: Individually height-adjustable, it adapts to the ergonomic needs of every user with different seating and standing options and ensures the best possible stability. The integrated cable tray ensures optimum electronic supply. The double-bench can be extended as a double workstation in the 4, 6 and 8 cluster - ideal for the cooperation of project teams with the best possible use of space. At the same time, calm returns in the personal workspace through the centrally arranged, acoustically effective table absorber.

table tops

solid core panel / 12mm white-grey with black core / miniperl*

OSB-board / black troweled and varnished / 25mm ABS edge, 2mm, black

wood-based panel / melamine-coated 25mm / white / miniperl* similar RAL 9003 / ABS edge, 2mm

linoleum with wooden edge 27mm / many colours angled desk edge

ash / 26mm with clear mat varnish angled desk edge


*surface gloss below 0,45 according office furniture standard DIN 4554


wood: ash with clear mat varnish
steel: powder coated, with fine structure lift column smooth