Table A plus

Consider the archetypal idea behind the trestle table – proven for generations – as the godfather. Now with the arrival of its godchild, so to speak, we encounter various evolutionary, creative and constructive innovations: The extensive customisability of this office deskcum- work table result from the combination of electrically height-adjustable columns and the wide range of materials that can be employed. The tabletops are made of linoleum, wood or laminate and offered in many colours. The A-shaped trestle in the stylistically broader (Plus) version is available in metal or – and this is a novelty in electrically height-adjustable tables – wood. In this stouter variant, the lifting column is centrally integrated through the A-shaped trestle for an even more stable geometry.

Table tops

solid core panel / 12mm / white-grey with black core / miniperl*

OSB-board / black troweled and varnished / 25mm ABS edge, 2mm, black

wood-based panel / melamine-coated / 25mm / white-grey / miniperl* / ABS edge, 2mm

linoleum with wooden edge / 29mm / many colours angled desk edge

ash / 26mm / with clear mat varnish / angled desk edge

desk edges

* surface gloss below 0,45 according office furniture standard DIN 4554

A-trestle Plus height adjustable

A-trestle plus steel
steel, powder coated,
with fine structure
lift column smooth

standard colours
graphite black RAL 9011
anthracite grey RAL 7016
reseda green RAL 6011
signal white RAL 9003

A-trestle plus wood
ash with clear mat varnish
steel, powder coated, with fine structure
lift column smooth


Features and optional accessories

table A plus - steel / OSB-board
table absorber Fa. HEY-SIGN
acoustic felt PET, grey flecked,
1600x600 / 25mm
ABS edge, black, 2mm

Desk absorber

The desk absorber may appear to be small; it possesses, however, great acoustic properties; an attribute of the selected material and its design: felt bears high sound absorbing characteristics. Employing the clamp, it can be readily fixed to the desk. Regardless of size – all acoustic elements made of felt serve as pin boards or presentation surfaces too.

table A plus - wood / ash
control panel up / down

CPU - holder