Acoustic shield

The acoustic shield lives up to its name, shielding its user acoustically and screening him optically. Not only, seeing that the felt has great sound absorbing properties, its inherent rigidity and its plug-in feet make it self-standing and mobile, due to its lightness and convenient grip holes. Regardless of whether the unit is an expansive acoustic wall or small desk absorber – all acoustic elements made of felt serve as pin boards or presentation surfaces too.

Material acoustic shield

Acoustic felt PET,
grey flecked /1700x850 / 25mm

ABS edge, black, 2mm

Plug-in foot

acoustic shield
plug-in foot

standard colour:
anthracite grey RAL 7016

plug-in foot,
steel, powder coated,
with fine structure,
toolless assembly


Features and absorption data

test with distance 200mm: (red)
acoustic absorber class A
NRC: 1,00 / SAA: 1,02 / alphaW: 1,00

test while free-standing: (black)
acoustic absorber class A
NRC: 0,65 / SAA: 0,64 / alphaW: 0,60

acoustic shield,
grip hole