X brick – multiply your perspectives

From the stool

1981. Michael Daubner crafts a wooden stool with dovetail joints, by hand. It is the introductory exercise at the Berchtesgadener Schule für Holzschnitzerei and Schreinerei.

2016.Frank Westermann and Michael Daubner just got together and founded wd3, a product design company. Together, they devote themselves to the development, production and distribution of office furniture. Here, the archetypal stool becomes a room-acoustically- effective, multifunctional component on the office scene, anåd is now called: brick. The format is tried and tested, but with a design in felt moreover, it invites thoughts of numerous functional applications. Stacked, the building blocks are turned into an acoustic wall, in no time at all; they can be drawn up and used as a quick seating area for spontaneous meetings; be employed as a standing aid; a handy footstool; or as a practical storage come surface area.

2018. The wheel of evolution does not stand still and brick becomes Xbrick. It is lighter, more stable and cheaper than its felt ancestor, it becomes a flexible companion wherever and however employed, as a stool for spontaneous sitting, for standing upon; in short, as discussed, the Xbrick can be used in multiple ways by the intuitive user. In the office world Xbrick becomes a playful element in everyday working life, a break in routine initiates a change of perspective; helps fuel new thoughts – Xbrick uses space differently; and encourages all participants to interact and communicate. Being itself Agile and highly mobile, Xbrick sees Agile theory put into practice in the office - for dynamic processes and flexible organisational forms. The all-rounder is extremely light, stable and resistant to water; it has multiple uses beyond the confines of the office. Being essentially weatherproof, Xbrick is fit for purpose, as a handy sports and recreational playmate.

On top of that, there are practical additional features: the insertable backrest, on which the tired back nestles; there are connectors and straps, that bind multiple Xbricks together, as in one above the other, or side by side, to make a podium perhaps, or to logistically transport them in number; a sheet metal profile top, which instantly creates a firm, small table, on which only the drinks are missing; an alternative sheet metal profile, with raised side edges, is a handy receptacle for utensils, markers and such; and then, there is the perfectly fitted wooden board, which becomes a seat in combination with two Xbricks.

Xbrick is serially manufactured from pure expanded polypropylene (EPP), completely in Germany. Being odorless and free of harmful plasticizers, means Xbrick can safely be used in conjunction with food or as a toy. Xbrick owes its enormous pressure stability, with low weight, to its lightweight construction principle, its nearly hollow inner rib structure and two identical halves, which are clipped together and then glued together. Lastly: The final assembly is undertaken by employees of the Remstal Werkstätten, of Diakonie Stetten e. V., thus, closing the circle – in handcrafted tradition.

  • structured surface
  • novel laser structure with a
    rough and smooth surface
  • from expanded polypropylene
  • weight ca. 1,4 kg
  • 500 x 250 x 333 mm / 25mm
  • different colors possible
  • also can be stacked and
    combined in many different ways
  • material 100% recyclable
  • environmentally friendly and
    energy-saving production
  • odorless
  • easy to clean and sterilize
  • fire protection class B2,
    B1 possible
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Impressions Orgatec 2022

From 25.10. - 29.10.2022 our "adaptive tools" showed what they are made of. Under the motto "adaptive workspaces - places to work", we presented our diverse solutions for working and learning environments.

wp_office - products by westermann auf der Orgatec 2018

fünf bewegte und erfolgreiche Messetage liegen hinter uns. Unter dem Motto „moving matters“ haben wir unsere Neuheiten präsentiert, die sich systematisch gegenseitig ergänzen und Bewegung in den Büro-Alltag bringen!

We are pleased to welcome you to our Stand at the Orgatec 2018.

moving matters. The wonderfully interchangeable furniture series: motu, affords greater freedom of movement and flexibility in the work environment: With flomo, the sophisticated system for Scrum processes; with Xbrick, the flexible multifunction stool that initiates a change of perspective; with the 558 divide, the classic, highly variable room layout system; and finally, with Labcase, the mobile office – out of the trunk, along with the digital nomad that travels through the coworking space.

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