Here they are all gathered: 758 divide, flomo, motu and Xbrick® - adaptive tools to optimally set up adaptive workspaces.

758 divide - structure your space

The room system 758 divide is an innovative and functional all-glass room system that divides open space structures, providing a place for individuals and teams of different sizes and compositions.

flomo - expand your work

A series of flexible, mobile, and versatile products for creative work processes and structured environments. Designed as a universal system, it shapes and structures spaces flexibly and intuitively and serves as an acoustic measure when desired.

motu - work in motion

A furniture series with timeless, height-adjustable, and high-quality products for ergonomic workspaces and acoustically effective room environments. With motu, movement is introduced into work.

Xbrick® - my best buddy

Unmatched in its simplicity: Xbrick. The multifunctional design stool, surprisingly lightweight and stable, is used wherever dynamic space utilization is required.

Designed by wd3_spatial design

Design is not only limited to the formal language, but also to the development and thinking of functioning cycles, manufacturing processes and the possible uses of a product.

Trustful cooperation

The design and development office wd3_spatial design is behind the concept of westermann products . WESTERMANN relies on the Stuttgart creative team for the entire product development process.

Design philosophy

Our view of design and sustainability moves along the same path with wp_westermann products . Together we develop products that derive their longevity from their multifunctional usability and consider aspects such as pure materials, short transport routes and a functioning material cycle from the outset.

Design is more than form

Design, as we understand it here, goes deeper, to the core of a product. We deal with materials and manufacturing processes and are always looking for new materials that offer us and our customers new possibilities. And we look closely at the impact a product can have on users.

Innovation drivers

Good design requires adjustments by the users allow, allow, promote and also signal this. You have to quickly understand how a product works and what you can do with it. Easy access is just as important as triggering a positive impulse among users. The impact goes beyond the actual product and can trigger other behaviors. This in turn has an impact on the formal language – if it is reduced, situational adaptation is easier.

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adaptive workspaces with westermann products

Today like this, tomorrow like this - create the working environment that suits you for the moment. We at Westermann bring our standards of functionality and quality with us. Since 2016, we have been transferring the know-how we have gained over eighty years of interior design to the development of contemporary furniture that is mobile and convertible. For individuals or teams. Inside or outside. Where flexibility, movement and agility are required, we provide you with answers. We are happy to help. You can reach our team by phone at +49 711 - 934460-0 or by email at

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