Home office: Comfort and inspiration through agile furniture

Where do we work when we're not in the office? The answer lies in the design of our home working environment, which is becoming increasingly important. Choosing the right products and creating an ergonomic work environment are crucial to succeeding in this new world of work.

Elegant and comfortable study rooms

The laptop on the kitchen table was yesterday. Today we also need the opportunity to retreat to work at home. High-quality and timeless furniture like our motu desk A-Plus makes you happy at work and increases your well-being.

The combination of ergonomics and flexibility

The ergonomic requirements of the furniture are often neglected, especially in home offices or when working mobile. The result is back pain due to too little movement at work or the wrong sitting or standing height. No matter whether it is a Sputnik, Labcase or A-Plus - the height is always adjustable, be it mechanically, electrically or using a gas pressure spring.

A mobile work unit for the living room

Not every apartment has space for a study. But even in tight spaces, you don't have to sacrifice comfort or ergonomics. You can work anywhere with Sputnik and Labcase. Today here tomorrow there. Highly aesthetic, wireless and on wheels, our mobile work units always cut a good figure outside or in the living room.

With agile furniture, the home office becomes the perfect basis for working effectively, comfortably and inspired.

Sputnik I

The small workplace offers with height-adjustable desk top in the home office creates an ergonomic working environment.

motu acoustic shield wall

The wall of acoustic shields isolates the home workplace from adjacent living areas.


The multifunctional stool is light, stable and stackable.

X bench

With the X-bench this expands Xbrick® can be used as a bench, counter, picnic bench or bar table.

Mobile working enables comfortable, ergonomic and self-determined working conditions.

Home office and mobile working

Hybrid working time models, partly anchored in employment contracts, partly completely freely designable: Most companies have understood that employees value working from home. Be it for work that requires a high level of concentration or to be able to better balance private and professional life. Unfortunately, where an ergonomic workstation is available in the office, at home it is all too often the space at the kitchen table without any demands on aesthetics and ergonomics.

Comfortable and self-determined

Everything has its place, the working environment is attractively designed, external influences can be shielded. Things that are taken for granted in the office must be implemented just as consistently in the home office - it's a process, as the areas have to change if there is no fixed work space. Furniture like flomo labcase and motu Sputnik I, small workstations where the workplace is clearly defined, help here. On wheels and therefore agile, the furniture can be pushed to the side when everyday life takes over from work.

Ergonomic and always in motion

The demand for our small workstations: height-adjustable of course! Mechanically and without electricity, you can work ergonomically anywhere, either at the right sitting height or while standing - indoors and outdoors. Switching between standing and sitting stimulates the circulation - the change of perspective at the desk creates the activity necessary to find creative solutions and develop innovative ideas.

flomo lab case

The modern secretary on wheels provides a micro workstation where it is needed, shielded and, if desired, also acoustically effective. The table top is height-adjustable and can be folded up so that the work can disappear from view.

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Sputnik I

The temporary small workstation Sputnik I with an integrated lifting column is height-adjustable. Materials and colors can be combined in many variations. Optional castors provide even more mobility and movement in the office.

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motu table A+

The enormous variability and customizability of the office and work table results from the combination of the electrically height-adjustable lifting column and the range of materials.

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