Multifunctional furniture for workshops and meetings

Variable room settings create space for meetings, creative processes and changing team sizes. They create the ideal environment to promote interactive discussions and meet changing needs. This makes every room the perfect place for inspiring ideas and productive collaboration.

Collaborative processes and forms of work

The way we work together is as diverse as our current working world itself. It can occur in project groups, multidisciplinary teams or even in cross-organizational networks where knowledge is shared and solutions are developed together.

Modular room settings for variable teams

In order to be able to develop innovative solutions for concrete plans and challenges, you need spaces in which ideas can flow. Places where we brainstorm together, research and develop efficiently, where interdisciplinary teams meet and can inspire each other.

Inspiring furniture for creative processes

Ready for a change of perspective: the flomo board - converted into a standing table - initiates activity and creativity in workshop formats. Whiteboards are extremely helpful for visualizing ideas, increasing participant interaction, and increasing workshop effectiveness.

Agile furniture promotes interaction and creativity in workshops and meetings.

flomo board

The whiteboard flomo board is highly magnetic, light, mobile, robust and can be attached anywhere thanks to its innovative Velcro system.

motu meeting table A+

A meeting table where everyone has space and can lay out plans at the same time - in their head, on paper, while standing or sitting.


The multifunctional stool is light, stable and stackable.

flomo wall

The floor-ceiling guided sliding wall organizes open office landscapes.

Acoustic filling

Multiplex birch with acoustic slots

We wanted an open spatial concept in which people meet and cross paths.

Flexible Umgebungen für wechselnde Arbeitsformen, Meetings und Teams

Traditional office spaces are transforming into interaction spaces where personal and virtual encounters take place. Spaces that adapt flexibly to working methods and take analog and digital space into account connect teams and strengthen collaboration and exchange.

Adaptive spatial structures for agile collaboration

In the modern world of work, planning, coordination and organization are crucial. The range of requirements ranges from active and communicative zones to creative spaces that promote innovative solutions. Spontaneity plays a central role, be it in workshops, brainstorming sessions or unexpected collaborations. A well-thought-out room concept must offer flexibility for collaborative work, interdisciplinary teams and changing groups, including retreats for undisturbed meetings and focused work.

What constitutes a productive collaboration?

Presenting, listening and discussing: Presenting interim results, project-related tasks and results from creative sessions take place dynamically in the arena. Research, discuss, reject, present and realize: communication and exchange at eye level make for successful and productive collaboration.

Conference table A Plus

A meeting table where everyone has space and can lay out plans at the same time - in their head, on paper, while standing or sitting. With a variety of configuration options, it fits into any room setting.

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Project table A Plus

A mobile project table that inspires changes in position and perspective. Height-adjustable without electricity, it works today in the workshop for the sample discussion and then on the roof terrace for the after-work drink.

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flomo wall

The flomo wall organizes the office landscape flexibly and subdivides open space structures. With the flomo board as the central playing field, everything important is in view during the meeting.

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Innovation Prize Architecture + Office

German Design Award

Award for the motu office furniture series

Focus Open Silver

International Design Prize Baden-Württemberg

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adaptive workspaces with westermann products

Today like this, tomorrow like this - create the working environment that suits you for the moment. We at Westermann bring our standards of functionality and quality with us. Since 2016, we have been transferring the know-how we have gained over eighty years of interior design to the development of contemporary furniture that is mobile and convertible. For individuals or teams. Inside or outside. Where flexibility, movement and agility are required, we provide you with answers. We are happy to help. You can reach our team by phone at +49 711 - 934460-0 or by email at

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