learning landscapes – space matters

Learning requires space – Sometimes free surroundings; sometimes, clearly structured environments; sometimes, completely new space. The equipment and furnishing of learning environments has a decisive effect on our mood; thus, also on our learning success.

In order to be able to learn with each other and from one another, we need learning environments in which we can communicate, interact and approach each other. Essentially, this requires a new type of furniture.

westermann products is our answer to the call for more spatial flexibility in the learning environment. Our versatile furniture elements can be quickly and easily transformed into highly variable learning landscapes and settings. This facilitates group work; the same applies to presentations; in the creation of retreats or of areas that invite informal exchange.

X brick – multiply your perspectives

Unrivaled in its simplicity: Xbrick. The multifunctional stool, surprisingly light and stable, is deployed wherever a dynamic environment is required. As a seat or standing aid; quickly transformed into a plinth; or used as a table when required, Xbrick constantly reconfigures space in a different way. Intuitively adopted, almost noiseless, they are employed in no time at all. Xbrick is made of pure expanded polypropylene (EPP). We deliberately chose this 100% recyclable material because it makes Xbrick so exceptional, combining many functional and ecological advantages.

flomo – expand your work

flomo – is remarkably employable just about anywhere thoughts flow, when ideas are born and need to be arrested; while being so mobile the system can be taken practically anywhere. And flomo can do even more: conceived as a universal and highly adaptable system, it makes it possible to intuitively adapt and structure space – serving as an acoustic measure where desired. flomo is both a tool and work environment at the same time. flomo is unbeatable concerning methods and approaches; such as, Design Thinking, Agile Working, or Scrum.

Taking centre stage – the flomo board, where everything is aligned to focus on Agile work. With its functional accessories, flomo goes far beyond the individual workstation, turning walls into centers of knowledge. flomo is mobile and adaptive, and affords an ability to convert entire spaces – to serve multidisciplinary, self-organizing teams of varying composition and size.

motu - work in motion

Always a challenge: the room acoustics. With the motu acoustic elements we offer flexible solutions for every noisy-situation; they're portable and easy to handle. Using tooth-hinges, individual rectangular, dimensionally stable and rigid acoustic fleece panels can be assembled to construct a wall or a cosy corner that provide acoustic and optical screening. Trapezoidal acoustic shields are fashioned, tent-like, into perfect retreats wherever necessary to abate noise pollution. Acoustic elements, positioned on the wall with Velcro points, increase sound absorption exactly where necessary and ensure pleasant room acoustics. Finally, the mobile segmented walls with their upright acoustic felt panels offer large absorption surfaces and, depending on their orientation, provide privacy with a concentrated perspective over the surroundings.

All acoustic panels are bordered all around with ABS impact-protection edges, into which convenient plastic reinforced grip holes are integrated to aid in comfortable transportation. The panels are made of thermally and mechanically bonded non-woven polyester fibre fleece, produced in an environmentally friendly way without chemical binders. They are pure and therefore 100% recyclable.

The motu office furniture

Small workstations. Conference tables. Acoustic separator elements. Filing cabinets. All individualized and wonderfully adaptable.


Paravants & acoustic furnitures


Storage furnitures


Several innovation and design awards were given to our motu series and the Xbrick:

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