758 divide - structure your space

758 divide does not separate. It puts together what belongs together. By dividing open-space structures into units that accommodate teams of varying size and composition, affording them the peace and quiet they need; acoustically shielded by glass; or visually shielded by solid fillings. The base clamping profile of 758 divide accommodates many composite fillings in different thicknesses. Brand new and unique is the fact that the profile can be sheathed with wood or aluminum. And, of course, the 758 divide has been created in compliance with current DIN and EN standards. Thus, the room partitioning system creates 758 divide office landscapes that are robust and stand firm. They never separate.

Die Rahmenbedingungen

1. Trägerprofil
2. Blendprofil
3. Klemmbacken Standard
4. Klemmbacken Gleitdecke
5. Glasfüllung
6. Dichtung
7. Holz- Aufklotzung/Glasauflage

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