Acoustic absorbers - 758 divide acoustics

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Flexible broadband compact absorber.

The retrofittable and acoustically effective acoustic absorber 758 divide acoustics is specially developed for the 758 divide room system. The acoustic absorber can be easily mounted on the glass surfaces of the room system using a suction cup, which means that sound can be easily optimized even in existing office spaces. The sound pressure level is reduced and effectively reduced to Rw, P = 32 – 44 dB.

Product specification

Sound absorption in open-plan offices with broadband acoustic absorbers.

The special feature in room acoustics is the broadband compact absorber - absorber class A - aw 1.0. The absorber elements are mounted on the glass surfaces using suction cups - can also be retrofitted without much installation effort. Retrofitting and acoustic optimization is possible according to the requirements and a technically targeted acoustic calculation.

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Wood material
Micro-perforated sheet steel


On glass edges:
400x2000, 400x2500, 400x1800mm

On glass surfaces:
800x2000, 800x2500, 800x2800mm

Please refer to the product sheet and indicate in your request which dimensions you would like.

Maximum variability

Versatile material combinations and a reduced design make the 758 divide a timeless room system for all project requirements. Profiles with a wide range of colors either anodized E6/EV1 or powder-coated according to RAL color. Profiles and door frames made of wood or covered with wood.

Spatial structures

1. I- Shielding
2. L-shielding
3. T-shielding

Easy construction

Installation and retrofitting without major assembly effort

The glass partition system 758 divide can be easily adapted to the design requirements of the building architecture and the resulting interior design. The glass partition system 758 divide with its numerous variants is often used in all new building projects as well as in many revitalization projects. Open-plan offices can be flexibly converted into existing buildings to create variable spatial structures.

Manufactured at the company location in Denkendorf

High-quality interior design with space-forming elements and functional furniture

Cradle to cradle

Certified production processes


Quality management systems certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001

Statistical verification according to DIN 4103

Tested according to statics certificates for non-load-bearing, internal partition walls

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