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Flexible room system with acoustic effect.

The flomo wall turns flomo into a room system. The floor-ceiling frame construction can not only accommodate two flomo boards hanging back to back, it also organizes the office landscape flexibly and divides open-space structures intuitively. In terms of design, the flomo wall is reminiscent of a classic cove picture frame. Divided into three areas, the flomo board is always arranged in the middle, at writing and eye level. The flomo wall can be individually adjusted to the height and size of the room and can be installed in parallel next to each other on several levels. Contact us for project inquiries.
filling: basic frame
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Product specification

Flexible office zoning for visual and acoustic protection

The flomo wall provides visual and acoustic protection in the office. It zones open office spaces and shields teams. The different fillings make it possible to equip the frame construction individually. The flomo wall can be designed from puristic, completely without filling to minimalist acoustic felt panels to elegantly perforated multiplex wooden elements. The fillings can be installed on the inside or on both sides, on the front and back.

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Powdered or anodized aluminum

Middle area:
Powdered sheet steel with hanging strip on both sides for flomo board.

Guidance in the ceiling using a guide bar with felt pad for low-noise guidance.


Graphite black RAL 9011
Signal white RAL 9003


Height: 2800 - 3400 mm
Width: 980mm
Depth: 55mm

Please refer to the product sheet for further details and indicate in your inquiry which dimensions you would like.

Intuitive use

Flexible sliding partition

The flomo wall is divided into three areas. The flomo board is always arranged in the middle. The fillings of the upper and lower surfaces can be freely selected. Internal fillings are firmly installed. Fillings on top can be flexibly attached or removed using magnets or a hanging function. The flomo wall is guided in flomo tracks on the ceiling and floor. Thanks to the embedded rollers, the flomo wall runs quietly and almost by itself - with one, two or three wheels.

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