Acoustic partition - motu wall (set of 3)

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Flexible room zoning and sound insulation

This wall of acoustic signs is not simply placed somewhere in the work landscape and never moved again. Thanks to its lightness and easy handling, it can be placed quickly and effortlessly wherever it is needed for zoning. This is ensured by the choice of material and construction: the PET felt has high sound absorption properties. And with the clever, easy-to-clip toothed hinge that sits in the handle holes, the wall can be freely configured at any angle. And no matter whether it is a large wall or a small table absorber - all acoustic elements made of felt act as a pin board and presentation surface at the same time.

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Size: 1700x850mm
SKU: P73173004010003

Product specification

Sound-absorbing acoustic sign wall (set of 3)

For anyone looking for an uncomplicated solution to improve room acoustics, the sound-absorbing acoustic shield made of PET felt is the perfect choice. Available in different sizes. The acoustic shield wall can be positioned effortlessly and used flexibly in the room. A great solution as a privacy screen, for visual shielding but also for creating atmospheric retreats.

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Acoustic felt: PET
Edge: ABS plastic
Handle scales: ABS plastic
Toothed hinges: elastic Velcro strap
ABS Plastic


PET felt:
mottled gray, black, other colors on request

Edge and handle: black
Tooth hinges: black


External dimensions:
H 1700 / 2000 / 2400 / 3000 mm
B 850 / 1000 mm
D 25mm

Intuitive use

Improved room acoustics

With practical handle holes, the motu acoustic shields are easy and flexible to set up in the work area. The motu acoustic sign is attached to the base frame using a simple clamping principle. Individual felt walls can be connected to dividers using Velcro straps. The partition walls of different heights and widths shield different environments. They minimize the noise level and thus help to improve room acoustics.

Öko-Tex Standard 100

Tested textiles
on pollutants

German Design Award 2018

Motu award
Office furniture series

AIT Innovation Prize

Architecture + Office

Focus Open Silver 2021

International Design Prize

Innovative design

Flexible room dividers

The motu acoustic shields are light and flexible room dividers made of PET acoustic felt. In open-plan offices, the mobile felt walls provide visual shielding and privacy at individual workstations. As room dividers, they divide open areas and zone work areas and teams. The felt surface can be pinned on the front and back and can be used as a presentation wall.


Acoustic felt PET

ABS edge black 2 mm

Finger holes with plastic inserts

Plastic gliders on the bottom edge

Tool-free assembl

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