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Acoustic room divider - motu acoustic shield with adjustable feetAcoustic room divider - motu acoustic shield with adjustable feet
Acoustic partition - motu wall (set of 3)Acoustic partition - motu wall (set of 3)
Acoustic partition - motu wall (set of 3) Sale priceFrom 2.162,00 €
Acoustic absorbers - 758 divide acousticsAcoustic absorbers - 758 divide acoustics
Acoustic absorbers - 758 divide acoustics Sale priceFrom 2.500,00 €
Acoustic furniture - motu tentAcoustic furniture - motu tent
Acoustic furniture - motu tent Sale price2.976,00 €
Hanging bar - flomo board
Hanging bar - flomo board Sale price20,23 €
Individual workstation - motu Sputnik IIndividual workstation - motu Sputnik I
Individual workstation - motu Sputnik I Sale priceFrom 1.666,00 €
flomo board - flexible whiteboardflomo board - flexible whiteboard
Glass partition system – 758 divideGlass partition system – 758 divide
Glass partition system – 758 divide Sale priceFrom 2.200,00 €
Height-adjustable double workstation - motu Double Bench A PlusHeight-adjustable double workstation - motu Double Bench A Plus
Conference table - motu A PlusConference table - motu A Plus
Conference table - motu A Plus Sale priceFrom 2.749,00 €
Mobile workstation - flomo labcaseMobile workstation - flomo labcase
Mobile workstation - flomo labcase Sale priceFrom 2.365,00 €
motu CPU holder
motu CPU holder Sale price190,40 €
motu cable outlet box
motu cable outlet box Sale price73,78 €
motu cable duct
motu cable duct Sale price190,40 €
motu cable chain
motu cable chain Sale price117,81 €
motu cable hose
motu cable hose Sale price13,09 €
motu monitor mount
motu monitor mount Sale price273,70 €
motu spiral cable
motu spiral cable Sale price47,60 €
motu table socket EU
motu table socket EU Sale price211,82 €
motu desk absorber - privacy screenmotu desk absorber - privacy screen
motu desk absorber - privacy screen Sale priceFrom 442,00 €
motu utensil board
motu utensil board Sale price85,68 €
Multifunctional stool - Xbrick®Multifunctional stool - Xbrick®
Multifunctional stool - Xbrick® Sale priceFrom 113,05 €
Shelf with wheels - flomo trainShelf with wheels - flomo train
Shelf with wheels - flomo train Sale priceFrom 1.535,00 €
Trolley - flomo trolleyTrolley - flomo trolley
Trolley - flomo trolley Sale priceFrom 1.303,00 €
Backrest - X-leanBackrest - X-lean
Backrest - X-lean Sale price148,75 €
Suction cup attachment with Velcro - flomo geckoSuction cup attachment with Velcro - flomo gecko
Desk height-adjustable - motu table A PlusDesk height-adjustable - motu table A Plus
Desk height-adjustable - motu table A Plus Sale priceFrom 1.963,00 €
Desk with wheels - project table motu A PlusDesk with wheels - project table motu A Plus
Seat/table combination - X-tseat fSeat/table combination - X-tseat f
Bench - X-benchBench - X-bench
Bench - X-bench Sale price458,15 €
Seat cushion - X-wedgeSeat cushion - X-wedge
Seat cushion - X-wedge Sale price79,00 €
Easel - flomo easelEasel - flomo easel
Easel - flomo easel Sale price1.011,50 €
Tray - X-trayTray - X-tray
Tray - X-tray Sale price78,58 €
Table top - X-tableTable top - X-table
Table top - X-table Sale price618,80 €
Carrying strap - flomo beltCarrying strap - flomo belt
Carrying strap - flomo belt Sale price38,08 €
Transport trolley - flomo caddyTransport trolley - flomo caddy
Transport trolley - flomo caddy Sale price892,50 €
Transport trolley - X-cartTransport trolley - X-cart
Transport trolley - X-cart Sale price499,80 €
Partition room divider - flomo wallPartition room divider - flomo wall
Partition room divider - flomo wall Sale priceFrom 1.242,00 €
Partition wall, rollable - flomo train SPartition wall, rollable - flomo train S
Partition wall, rollable - flomo train S Sale priceFrom 1.140,00 €
Utensil box - X-toolboxUtensil box - X-toolbox
Utensil box - X-toolbox Sale price96,39 €
Connecting element - X-connectorConnecting element - X-connector
Connecting belt - flomo X-beltConnecting belt - flomo X-belt
Connecting belt - flomo X-belt Sale price38,08 €
Connecting belt - X-beltConnecting belt - X-belt
Connecting belt - X-belt Sale price38,08 €
Wall rail for the flomo board - flomo railWall rail for the flomo board - flomo rail
Whiteboard suspension - flomo boardWhiteboard suspension - flomo board
Whiteboard attachment for glass - flomo gecko spacerWhiteboard attachment for glass - flomo gecko spacer
Whiteboard magnet with Velcro - flomo magnetWhiteboard magnet with Velcro - flomo magnet
Whiteboard magnets 5x - flomo whiteboard magnetWhiteboard magnets 5x - flomo whiteboard magnet
Whiteboard marker set - flomo marker setWhiteboard marker set - flomo marker set
Whiteboard wall mounting - flomo pointWhiteboard wall mounting - flomo point


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NewsExpertenrunde in der raumprobe

Expertenrunde in der raumprobe

Am 07. Februar 2024 fand unsere Expertenrunde "Agile Arbeitslandschaften" in der raumprobe Stuttgart statt. Das Thema stieß auf großes Interesse und unsere Veranstaltung war innerhalb kürzester Zei...

ShowcaseAgile Arbeitsumgebung inklusive Desksharing

Agile working environment including desk sharing

In cooperation with Lindemann GmbH & Co. KG, we were able to contribute to a successful and very appealing design of the room structure in the BIM office in Berlin by integrating our westermann...

ShowcaseSchließfachanlagen – persönlicher Stauraum

Locker systems – personal storage space

The days of the fixed workplace and the rolling container full of personal bits and bobs are coming to an end. The world of work is becoming more agile, flexible and changeable - it is adapting to ...