Focus workplace and teamwork

An open office structure promotes teamwork and the exchange of information, while focus workstations offer the opportunity to devote yourself to concentrated activities in peace. The combination of open work areas and individual focus spaces creates a balanced work environment that supports both collaboration and personal productivity. This means employees can switch between interactive teamwork and focused individual work as needed to get the best of both worlds.

Quietly designed concentration zones

Withdraw and be with yourself: Sometimes the world has to stay outside. Concentration zones, permanent or temporary, are invaluable.

Open office concepts promote communication

Whether individual desk or team cluster. Arrangements in the team office can be made quickly and easily. Our mobile acoustic elements provide the necessary acoustic and visual privacy.

Flexibility and focus in everyday work

Rigid forms of work are a thing of the past. Today it's about having the freedom to adapt your own workplace as needed. Temporary work locations offer the opportunity to work mobile and with concentration. Here, routine tasks can be completed efficiently and focused activities can be carried out without distractions.

Flexible working environments enable both collective collaborations and individual working styles.

motu project table A+

The versatility of the project and work table results from the combination of pneumatically height-adjustable lifting columns and a wide range of usable materials.

flomo board

The whiteboard flomo board is highly magnetic, light, mobile, robust and can be attached anywhere thanks to its innovative Velcro system.

flomo wall

The floor-ceiling guided sliding wall organizes open office landscapes.

PET acoustic felt

Acoustic felt filling with high sound absorption properties. Acoustic elements made of felt act as a pin board and presentation area at the same time.


The multifunctional stool is light, stable and stackable.

"What sets them apart, the open and co-working spaces, the open-plan offices and conference rooms? That's right - their generous flow of space, which brings a lot of light and air, but also dynamism and cooperation into the working world."
"Different fillings such as wood and felt allow it to be coordinated with different interiors."
"Thanks to their design, several panels of the room system create an attractive, varied partition wall."

Smart spatial architecture does not require telephone booths.

Through well-thought-out divisions of the office space, open space offices and quiet areas can coexist. Whether visually and acoustically separated by sliding walls or glass, mobile or rigid, individual offices or team areas result depending on the layout.

High quality and timeless

Whether it's an executive office or a focus workplace - high-quality surfaces and table designs are a joy. Solid wood frames and worktops made of ash, oak or linoleum ensure attractive working environments.

Flexible and dynamic

Agile furniture that can be easily moved or rearranged creates flexible workspaces. These include height-adjustable desks, mobile presentation elements and modular seating elements.

motu table A+

The enormous variability and customizability of the office and work table results from the combination of the electrically height-adjustable lifting column and the range of materials.

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motu Double Bench A+

The Double Bench can be expanded as a double workstation in clusters of 4, 6 and 8 - ideal for collaboration between project teams with the best possible use of space.

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Sputnik I

The temporary small workstation Sputnik I with an integrated lifting column is height-adjustable. Materials and colors can be combined in many variations. Optional wheels provide even more mobility and movement in the office.

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adaptive workspaces with westermann products

Today like this, tomorrow like this - create the working environment that suits you for the moment. We at Westermann bring our standards of functionality and quality with us. Since 2016, we have been transferring the know-how we have gained over eighty years of interior design to the development of contemporary furniture that is mobile and convertible. For individuals or teams. Inside or outside. Where flexibility, movement and agility are required, we provide you with answers. We are happy to help. You can reach our team by phone at +49 711 - 934460-0 or by email at

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