Seat cushion - X-wedge

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Ergonomic seat wedge cushion suitable for the Xbrick.

The combination of Xbrick® and X-wedge offers a variety of options for supporting different sitting positions in everyday life. The wedge cushion made of composite foam (VB 120) gently tilts the pelvis forward, which relieves the pressure on the intervertebral discs and promotes a natural, upright sitting posture. With its compact dimensions of 250 x 333 mm, it fits perfectly into the smallest area of ​​the Xbrick®.

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Product specification

The wedge-shaped cushion is covered with a light blue cover made from recycled materials. The wedge pillow is produced in Germany. The cover can be removed for cleaning.

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100% recycled post-consumer polyester


Light Blue


External dimensions: 250 x 333 x 60 mm

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