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The perfect addition to modern living and working areas.

The Xbrick® multifunctional stool is a masterpiece of versatility and functionality. Whether you need a comfortable seat, a practical standing aid, a flexible platform or even a small table - the Xbrick® multifunctional stool can fulfill all these tasks effortlessly. With an amazingly low weight of just 1.4 kg and its three different height settings (500 mm, 333 mm, 250 mm), the Xbrick® multifunctional stool opens up a world of possibilities. No matter whether you use the Xbrick® indoors or outdoors, it will always be your reliable companion for versatile sitting, standing and storage options.

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Color: Xbrick black
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Product specification

Seating, standing aid, platform or table.

The multifunctional stool Xbrick® is characterized by its lightness and high mobility. It can be easily transported from A to B and is ideal for flexible working and learning environments. Xbrick® is made of pure expanded polypropylene (EPP) - the material was deliberately chosen because of its functional and ecological properties. Because it is very light, at the same time extremely stable and durable and 100% recyclable. Xbrick® is manufactured entirely in Germany and in collaboration with the Remstal workshops of Diakonie Stetten eV

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Expanded polypropylene (EPP


Black, Gray B1, Light Grey, Orange, Neon Green, Magenta, Ocean, Yellow, Blue


External dimensions: 500 x 333 x 250 mm

Intuitive use

Xbrick®: modular, stackable and mobile

The six ergonomically designed handle holes of the Xbrick multifunctional stool ensure particularly easy handling and effortless transport. Thanks to a variety of available Xbrick accessories, this versatile stool can be quickly converted into a pedestal or used as a practical table. Xbrick is not only odorless, but also free of harmful plasticizers, making it completely safe when it comes into contact with food or is used as a toy by children.

Focus Open Gold

International Design Prize Baden-Württemberg

wd3_spatial design

Design and manufacture of Xbrick®


GS tested safety


Particularly moving

Innovative design

Internal rib construction for 200kg load capacity

At 1.4 kg it is extremely light for its volume and therefore easy and almost silent to use. Xbrick® owes its enormous pressure stability to its lightweight construction principle and the internal rib structure. A new, patented laser process enables alternating structured and smooth surfaces and ensures a unique feel. Xbrick® is certified with the GS seal.

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