Opening days at the Humboldt Forum Berlin

Eröffnungstage im Humboldt Forum Berlin

The Humboldt Forum in the rebuilt Berlin Palace unites various institutions from culture and science under its roof. During the opening days end of September 2021, action areas enabled encounters while listening, talking along, telling stories. The action areas were distributed over all floors, in the spacious entrance, but also outdoors in the Schlüter Hof and were “furnished” by the exhibition planners of the Humboldt Forum with a total of 200 Xbrick® multifunctional stools in many colors and accessories.

The various artists and experts intuitively converted the action areas to suit their performance - indoors and outdoors. The Xbrick® are used as seats, standing aids, pedestals, tables or drum boxes.

The action areas with the Xbrick also enjoyed great popularity during the breaks between the actions: visitors of all ages built, stacked, created towers and arranged seating, following the mission statement of the Humboldt Forum: "We create experimental free spaces for new approaches, ideas and formats. In this way, we stand for an inspiring spirit of experimentation, which is inherent in the courage to take risks and which does not allow itself to be deterred by the possibility of failure." 




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