Innovation means movement

Innovation bedeutet Bewegung

“Halbautomaten Kommunikationdesign GmbH” equipped its new office space with furniture form westermann products. The creative agency makes complex content understandable through strong ideas and team spirit.

To create innovations, space and movement are essential. The creative agency found both in the newly renovated offices at the foot of Karlshöhe, which is now fully equipped with our modern motu system furniture.

Together with the tables from the motu series (Table A Plus Wood and Sputnik I), the rooms designed by architect Franco Berardi created a warm, friendly and yet concentrated atmosphere in which the team and customers feel comfortable and enjoy moving around. Here the team at “Halbautomaten Kommunikationdesign GmbH” creates events from information. In analog tradition and digital conception, always one step ahead.

Because: Movement means innovation.

Studio Berardi / Franco Berardi

Design Team:
Studio Berardi / Franco Berardi

Project partners:
Die Möbelbauer

Michael Damböck

Stuttgart, Germany
Completion: 2017


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