Locker systems – personal storage space

Schließfachanlagen – persönlicher Stauraum

The days of the fixed workplace and the rolling container full of personal bits and bobs are coming to an end. The world of work is becoming more agile, flexible and changeable - it is adapting to the needs of employees for hybrid working time models.

The challenges for companies are enormous. Fewer and fewer work places are permanently occupied, be it through part-time work or mobile working. This requires clever ideas and systems to make optimal use of the available space. Tables can be reduced and new areas take their place. However, personal storage space remains indispensable, and therefore the locker is an indispensable part of any modern office.

We have developed locker systems for Festo that can be cleverly combined with each other in a modular design. Whether in height or width, with or without a wardrobe module – the right combination can be put together depending on the spatial situation and requirements. Visually, the locker elements were designed in Festo's stringent design so that they fit seamlessly into the spatial context and create a high level of recognition. The body is made of coated wood material, while the fronts and visible sides are made of solid core board. The striking letter slot breaks up the gridded appearance.


Festo SE & Co. KG, Esslingen

David Franck

Esslingen, Germany
Completion: April 2023

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