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Connecting belt - X-beltConnecting belt - X-belt
Connecting belt - X-belt Sale price38,08 €
Seat/table combination - X-tseat fSeat/table combination - X-tseat f
Seat cushion - X-wedgeSeat cushion - X-wedge
Seat cushion - X-wedge Sale price79,00 €
Utensil box - X-toolboxUtensil box - X-toolbox
Utensil box - X-toolbox Sale price96,39 €
Tray - X-trayTray - X-tray
Tray - X-tray Sale price78,58 €
Transport trolley - X-cartTransport trolley - X-cart
Transport trolley - X-cart Sale price499,80 €


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ShowcaseMagische Welt im KID-Design Park

Magical world in the KID-Design Park

In collaboration with MATSU, the KID Design Park launched an exciting workshop at the MATSU flagship store in Shanghai on March 16, 2024. Children were able to bring their imagination to life. Wit...

ShowcaseOffice-Space "Annenhöfe"

Office space "Annenhöfe"

The new office space, designed by SCOPE Architekten Stuttgart, extends over the entire fifth floor. A spacious entrance area with two separation systems forms the central access to the office area....

NewsExpertenrunde in der raumprobe

Expertenrunde on February 7th, 2024

Our ”Expertenrunde” with the topic ”Agile Working Landscapes” took place at raumprobe Stuttgart. The topic generated great interest and our event was fully booked within a very short time. After a ...