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Movement is elementar. Without movement there is no progress. Only those who can move are best able to see things from a different perspective; acquiring fresh insight in the process; thus, are enabled to give their best. But this mental agility necessitates physical movement. Especially in the office. In short: to ensure this advantageous freedom of movement in the working environment, fresh ideas, innovative concepts and tangible solutions are required.

westermann products is essentially our response to the call for more freedom of movement in the modern working environment. Our highly mobile and flexibly adaptive office structures which transform quickly and simply into ever new workplace landscapes, make a significant contribution to opening up fresh perspectives, horizons and inspirational spaces in day-to-day work.

motu - work in motion

motu sets office furniture in motion. Motion matters! motu takes archetypal pieces of furniture as models and reinterprets their principal features in a refreshingly contemporary manner; reducing units to their core substance, re-equiping them with innovative technology; employing the latest materials. The basic design of the motu office furniture line allows for variability, is ever changeable and customisable, permitting and promoting motion – for the benefit of its users. Users are given freedom of spontaneous movement then, be it if they wish to work sitting down or standing up, on their own, or in teams; ergo, motu – work in motion.

The motu office furniture

Small workstations. Conference tables. Acoustic separator elements. Filing cabinets. All individualized and wonderfully adaptable.


Paravants & acoustic furnitures

Storage furnitures

X brick – multiply your perspectives

The wheel of evolution does not stand still and brick becomes Xbrick. It is lighter, more stable and cheaper than its felt ancestor, it becomes a flexible companion wherever and however employed, as a stool for spontaneous sitting, for standing upon; in short, as discussed, the Xbrick can be used in multiple ways by the intuitive user. In the office world Xbrick becomes a playful element in everyday working life, a break in routine initiates a change of perspective; helps fuel new thoughts – Xbrick uses space differently; and encourages all participants to interact and communicate.

Being itself Agile and highly mobile, Xbrick sees Agile theory put into practice in the office - for dynamic processes and flexible organisational forms. The all-rounder is extremely light, stable and resistant to water; it has multiple uses beyond the confines of the office. Being essentially weatherproof, Xbrick is fit for purpose, as a handy sports and recreational playmate.

flomo – expand your work

flomo – is remarkably employable just about anywhere thoughts flow, when ideas are born and need to be arrested; while being so mobile the system can be taken practically anywhere. And flomo can do even more: conceived as a universal and highly adaptable system, it makes it possible to intuitively adapt and structure space - serving as an acoustic measure where desired. flomo is both a tool and work environment at the same time. flomo is unbeatable concerning methods and approaches; such as, Design Thinking, Agile Working, or Scrum.

Taking centre stage – the flomo board, where everything is aligned to focus on Agile work. With its functional accessories, flomo goes far beyond the individual workstation, turning walls into centers of knowledge. flomo is mobile and adaptive, and affords an ability to convert entire spaces – to serve multidisciplinary, self-organizing teams of varying composition and size.


Several innovation and design awards were given to our motu series and the Xbrick:

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Impressions Orgatec 2022

From 25.10. - 29.10.2022 our "adaptive tools" showed what they are made of. Under the motto "adaptive workspaces - places to work", we presented our diverse solutions for working and learning environments.

wp_office - products by westermann auf der Orgatec 2018

fünf bewegte und erfolgreiche Messetage liegen hinter uns. Unter dem Motto „moving matters“ haben wir unsere Neuheiten präsentiert, die sich systematisch gegenseitig ergänzen und Bewegung in den Büro-Alltag bringen!

We are pleased to welcome you to our Stand at the Orgatec 2018.

moving matters. The wonderfully interchangeable furniture series: motu, affords greater freedom of movement and flexibility in the work environment: With flomo, the sophisticated system for Scrum processes; with Xbrick, the flexible multifunction stool that initiates a change of perspective; with the 558 divide, the classic, highly variable room layout system; and finally, with Labcase, the mobile office – out of the trunk, along with the digital nomad that travels through the coworking space.

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